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"This book is essential for novice and experienced clinicians intending to address the spiritual lives of their clients. It presents theory, research, and examples with an eye toward clinical practice. unique to this text is coverage of differing religious and spiritual traditions and spiritual disciplines to seamlessly augment traditional approaches to psychological treatment."

- Edward Shfranske, PhD, Professor  and Muriel Lipsey Chair in Counseling  and Clinical Psychology, Pepperdine University
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"Solidly grounded in personal experience, clinical knowledge, and research-based information, this volume contains a wealth of practically applicable suggestions and makes a strong and well- reasoned case for culture suffusing psychotherapy in all of its aspects.  It provides an excellent introduction to the field, but its fresh and novel approach makes it also attractive to seasoned clinicians immersed in practicing psychotherapy with a culturally diverse clientele."

-Juris G. Draguns, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Pennsylvania State University

"Focused on the experience of resettling refugees—but appropriately set within the wider context of global displacement—the authors in these pages pull together key insights, information, and tools to support informed delivery of refugee mental health services. The book models an approach to the provision of services that is technically sound, culturally informed, and fundamentally humane."

- Alastair Ager, PhD, MSc, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, Scotland; Columbia University, New York, NY; editor of Refugees: Perspectives on the Experience of Forced Migration
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"The publication of this excellent volume marks a developmental step in the maturation of Christian engagement with and reflection on quality provision of counseling and psychotherapy services. The editors and authors represent knowledge of best practices in alleviating human distress in a number of key areas, particularly related to preventing and assisting troubled marriages, and we can hope that the movement they seek to inspire will flourish."

-Stanton L. Jones, provost and professor of psychology, Wheaton College
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"This skillfully written text is a must read for all psychotherapists in our field." 

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"There are many books in the Psychology of Religion; some cover theory, and others practice. This is the first truly integrative work that clearly outlines how theory moves into practice. A great book for scholars, academics, and practitioners at all levels. This book is readable and engaging and provides an excellent synthesis of the current state of the field. Its ability to seamlessly tie together paradigms with practice techniques makes this volume a must read."

- Ralph L. Piedmont, PhD, Professor of Pastoral Counseling, Loyola University Maryland
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"This volume is a needed addition to our psychological literature on spirituality. The editors have succeeded in creating a truly comprehensive resource for therapists, supervisors, and trainees. The book is thoughtfully crafted toward the ethical application of spiritual concepts throughout the therapy process and in the training of therapists."

- R. Elliott Ingersoll, PhD, Professor, Counseling and Counseling Psychology, Cleveland State University
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