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Dr. Aten is a sought-after speaker who regularly talks at church, mental health, disaster relief, humanitarian aid, government, healthcare, and college conferences and events around the globe. He regularly speaks on faith and resilience amidst personal, mass, and humanitarian disasters. Recent notable speaking engagements include talks given at the University of Cambridge, World Economic Forum Global Young Leaders Conference, American Psychological Association, Accord Developing Excellence Forum, The Justice Conference, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Federal Emergency Management Agency, and George Washington University Cancer Institute.

Dr. Aten most commonly speaks on topics related to faith and resilience amid personal, mass, and humanitarian disasters. Topics include:

  • Spiritual First Aid

  • “A Walking Disaster”

  • The Psychology of Religion and Disasters

  • Faith, Meaning, and Resilience

  • Church Response to Mass Disasters

  • Prayers & Action for Gun Violence

  • Disaster Ministry

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